It's so cool that you're here. I hope this site has added value to your day, left you with a tip or two about vibrant, healthy living, and encouraged you that natural wellness isn't as mystifying and unattainable as it may sometimes seem. Yes, it really is for you.

My name is Regan Jayne, but you may know me as Regan the Vegan. I am a certified holistic health coach in integrative nutrition, an aromatherapist, a plant-based wellness advocate, a veggie lover, and life-long adventurer. I am passionate about powerful design, toxin-free living, conscious enterprise, and using food as medicine.

I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2017 and started my own wellness business at the age of 22. Shortly after, I co-founded The ŌYL Collective with Alli Wishner, my bestie from college. Today, we lead a team of the coolest, industry-disrupting millennials that are moving above the status quo, kissing cubicles goodbye to seek purpose and freedom with their time. We travel the world together, learning and teaching, and are passionate about natural health education, non-toxic living, and showing people how to step fully into their unique gifts to create a world that works for everyone.



on this planet

I'm based in New York City, but I don't stay put for long. You'll find me scouring the world for the best vegan food, working on my biz in eclectic coffeeshops, getting my hands dirty on organic farms, or listening to live music, wherever, whenever.

I was born in Hong Kong and have since lived in seven different countries. This global tour (a.k.a my childhood) has given me a deep appreciation for the traditional modalities that different cultures use to approach healthy living. You'll see a common theme woven throughout all I do: deep respect for mother nature and the intuitive wisdom of those who are in touch with the earth. There are so many beautiful rituals and approaches to healthy, supernatural living and I am passionate about empowering others with the tools and knowledge they need to discover what works for them.


Team oyl

Most importantly, I have the immense blessing of working in partnership with my rockstar mum, dōTERRA Blue Diamond + China Founder and O.G. vegan babe (before it was trendy). We run a global team (35 countries and growing) of thousands of health-minded, heart-centered people who have committed to higher health and happiness.

Whether you want to own your health, through essential oils and non-toxic lifestyle products, or own your wealth, through the incredible freedom business opportunity, Team ŌYL has a place for you.

I bet many mother-daughter duos dream of someday having the opportunity to work together on a global mission and change the world, so it feels surreal that this dream has become a reality for us. I don't know what I did to deserve such a powerhouse business partner, our amazing team, and a platform for massive impact, but i'll just leave it with gratitude. Big time.

Are you ready to live, lead, earn, and give in bigger ways than you ever thought possible?

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